About us

Kreatelier is a creative fabric concept store that offers everything from simple gifts to stunning re-upholstered pieces and absolutely everything in between. Whether our customers need a simple baby gift or beautiful fabric curtains to bring a room to life, our creative and talented staff can help.

Kreatelier was established in 2007 by two European friends, Line Daems and Pernilla Frazier. Coming from completely different backgrounds, both owners had a passion for home décor and fabrics and loved the idea of creating a business around fabrics - resulting in a unique concept store.

In 2008 Kreatelier opened a retail store on Hope Street in Providence, Rhode Island.

The entire Kreatelier team takes pride in what they do - offering unique fabric products, simple home solutions and creative sewing workshops. Our goal is to make the joy of fabric accessible to every budget and we work to make sure all of our customers are happy and satisfied.

Kreatelier is an active member of the Hope Street Merchants Association.

Check out Hope Street and learn more about our wonderful fellow merchants and the vibrant Hope Street neighborhood!

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