Hazel Village Stuffed Animal Max Raccoon in Picnic Overalls

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Max has a hollow tree behind his house. He has installed numerous shelves and cubbyholes inside it, and there he keeps really cool things that he finds: bits of crockery that he makes into wind chimes, sturdy paper bags he's saving, presents from his friends, jars of pickles and jam, and more!

Max is made of organic cotton with a brushed flannel texture, mostly gray, with black details on his tail and mask. His snout is the same organic cotton fleece in white. His ears are lined with cotton shirting. His eyes and nose are hand-stitched with cotton thread. He is stuffed with washable polyfill. He measures about 14" tall from feet to ears.

He comes wearing a shirt made of blue and white cotton gingham. It closes in front with a velcro closure. Max says he wants it to have more pockets, but really he has a lot of bags in his collection and you have to draw the line somewhere. His shirt is removable and fits the other Hazel Village animals if he's feeling generous.

  • Heirloom quality
  • Treasured keepsake
  • Hand-wash, air-dry
  • Hand-made
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY; USA
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