Sewing Workshops

Sewing Workshops for KidsWe at Kreatelier are excited to share the sewing tradition with the community through our own workshops, which have now been offered for over eight years.

Olivia Saurwein is our Winter Sewing Instructor and is happy to work with children age 5 and up. She offers simple sewing projects and her mission is to teach children to make their own creation, inspired by different materials and a focus on the design process. Hand sewing and machine sewing techniques are addressed in each workshop.

The duration of each workshop is 2 hours. Workshops are available Monday through Friday, from 3-6 pm, and Saturdays from 12-6 PM. The cost is $45 for each 2-hour workshop, plus material costs.

Our signup system is very flexible. Simply pick a project and day and time, email us and we’ll arrange the workshop for you.

Contact Kreatelier with any questions.

Want to see some of our workshop creations?
Take a look on our Pinterest board!


Winter 2016 Sewing Workshop Projects:

  • Envelope Pillow - Material $14
  • Messenger Bag - Material $10
  • Doll Clothes - Material $8 (Please bring doll)
  • Stuffed Animals - Material $8
  • Ornaments, Garlands - Material $8
  • Headbands - Material $6
  • Apron - Material $12
  • 3D Fabric Tableau - Material $20

Get inspired by different materials and design & create your own special project!