Our Store

Kreatelier, located at 804 Hope Street, Providence, RI, is a unique retail store in the middle of a vibrant neighborhood.

The store is filled with colorful, useful and environmentally conscious products made out of fabric and designed by Kreatelier, local artists and favorite companies from around the world. Kreatelier also offers custom home décor services and sewing workshops.

It is Kreatelier’s mission to be a resource for fabric related products and custom home décor, and to be accessible to a variety of customers with different budgets. We strive to provide remarkable and individualized customer service.

Kreatelier plays a unique role in the neighborhood and online, not just by offering beautiful textile products but also by fostering a place in which customers get inspired, learn about fabric and home décor solutions and exchange creative ideas.

Online orders are processed and shipped out of location.

Best of RI