Sand Straw Straw Fish Pack

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The Sand Straw Fish Pack will allow you to join and help the growing movement towards clean ocean, while supporting your favorite sea animal. This pack comes with three black reusable stainless steal straws, one cleaning brush and a carrying case. Use them for your smoothies, juice, milk, adult beverages you name it!

10% of the net profits from this set will be donated to fish research sponsored by the brich aquarium and Scripps Research. Helping the environment has never been easier, keep one at home, take it with you in your purse for busy days on the go. When you are done with the straws you can ship it back to straw sand and they will turn it into art, keeping it out of landfills. 

  • Stainless Steal
  • Set of three 
  • Drawstring Bag 
  • Free Shipping
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