Milkbarn Kerchief Bib Blue Elephant

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Milkbarn uses organic, sustainable and durable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo blends, creating classic yet modern designs beloved by parents and tots everywhere! Milkbarn believes that children's products must be fresh and imaginative; and the inspiration for all their running, romping, daydreaming, and gazing they will do in the comfort of a super soft, creatively designed, organic wear. 

  • Organic kerchief bib
  • Kerchief bib will keep your tot clean and stylish at meal time
  • Great for catching drool while teething 
  • Made with three layers of 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Adjustable snap closure


*Milkbarn is committed to serving children everywhere, and to that end is a proud and vocal supporter of Exile International, an organization bringing restoration to rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war in the Congo and Uganda. Through art therapy and holistic, rehabilitative care, Exile International empowers former child soldiers and orphans to heal and become leaders of peace.

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