Milkbarn Hanger set Red Hair

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Pint sized colorful hangers for pint sized fun and ease of handling by and for tots! When not in use, gently hang your child's various pieces on Milkbarn's very own, adorable hangers. The delightfully fun face hangers add fun to your child's wardrobe! Milkbarn believes that children's products must be fresh and imaginative; and the inspiration for all their running, romping, daydreaming, and gazing they will do in the comfort of a super soft, creatively designed, organic wear.

  • Made with sturdy brown craft paper board
  • One set contains 6 hangers with the same face design and color
  • These fun hangers, help encourage children to hang their clothes on their own
  • Fits poles up to 3.17 cm in diameter


*Milkbarn is committed to serving children everywhere, and to that end is a proud and vocal supporter of Exile International, an organization bringing restoration to rescued child soldiers and children orphaned by war in the Congo and Uganda. Through art therapy and holistic, rehabilitative care, Exile International empowers former child soldiers and orphans to heal and become leaders of peace.


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