Mibo Tea Towel Orangutan

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The animal sewing kits are printed onto a single cotton tea towel. Children (and adults too!) adore these creative do-it-yourself craft projects. The animal cut-out along with project directions are printed onto one side of the towel. And with a few extra tools and finishers, like scissors and filling, these animals become a child's creation, all while honing their skills.

The animals may be hand-stitched or sewn by machine (under supervision of course!). The kits provide a creative way to find satisfaction in one's own work, and in the children have a new tea towel companion to prove it. The do-it-yourself project focus, encourages children to use their fine motor skills, in addition to following those finely printed directions. 

  • Do-it-yourself, sewing kit 
  • Age, children (adults can jump in too!)
  • Tea towel, 100% organic cotton
  • Promotes use of fine motor skills
  • Flat tea towel dimensions: 27.5in W x 19in H
  • Finished stuffed animal: 12in H
  • Made in the UK, designed and printed
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