Kreatelier Octopod Pillow in Aqua - 24 x 24in

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We are thrilled to present the Kreatelier Octopod Pillow in Aqua. Featuring a stately, monochrome octopod etching in the foreground, the backdrop showcases an array of geometric teal florals. Our advice is to savor the juxtaposition, and perhaps avoid a staring contest with the item’s subject as he has a talent for it! The fabric design was created by Thomas Paul exclusively for the Duralee Vol. III collection. Lovingly handsewn by Kreatelier in Providence, the square throw will augment any room.

  • Limited Supply
  • Designed by Thomas Paul for Duralee
  • Collection: Duralee Vol. III
  • 70% Cotton, 30% Linen
  • Measuring 24 x 24in
  • Handsewn by Kreatelier in Providence, RI
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Free Shipping!
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