Kreatelier Baby Quilt Teal Patchwork

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This beautiful patchwork baby quilt is handmade, by yours truly, Kreatelier! Made with careful consideration to pattern, design and feel - this colorful quilt was created from various high quality fabric remnants from our shop. Perfect for a baby or child or even as a lap quilt in a nursery or child's room. A perfect gift that will surely turn into a keepsake. 

  • Handmade quilt by Kreatelier
  • Dimensions, 43" x 43"
  • Made of up-cycled fabric remnants
  • Made in Providence RI - USA

*Kreatelier makes custom quilts - to order and discuss by phone, please contact us at our shop at 804 Hope Street, Providence RI by calling 401-432-7995. 

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