Igneous Zip Pouch 100% Wool Tartan

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The Igneous line of 100% wool tartan wristlets, zip pouches, totes, clutches, and bags are durable yet classically elegant. Made from recycled and re-used wool blankets, textiles of Guatemala, extraordinary Mayan threads. Designed and made locally, in New Hampshire, this line is a home grown classic. This zip pouch can be used to tote around any and all small goods, either alone or inside other bags, messengers, or backpacks. Either for extra organization or to protect whatever small goods you may be transporting along for the day. The bottom of this zip thick, water resistant, and of waxed canvas. Its lining is made of a red nylon making it easy to clean. This little bag is super handy to have!

  • Made from 100% recycled wool blankets
  • Designed and made locally in New Hampshire, USA
  • Multi-use zip for all types of trips
  • Unique, durable and elegant materials
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