Helping Hand Partners 15" Computer Sleeve Gray

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Choose the tote to best protect your precious cargo, that laptop of yours! Whether on your lap, at the table, en route, or seated next to you -- a quality constructed, durable, and sufficiently cushioned (without being bulky) laptop sleeve is a must. This padded computer sleeve is handmade by Cambodian artisans from fishing and construction netting. Designed with the various laptop sizes in mind, this sleeve will fit your needs. 

The computer sleeve, a socially responsible and fairly traded item, represents the mission of Helping Hand Partners (HHP); to provide opportunities for its partners, businesses of social enterprise, which include US based companies and those worldwide.  

  • Measures 16″L x 11.25″H
  • Socially Responsible Products
  • Fair Trade Goods
  • Zip closure
  • Helping Hand Partners based in Chicago, IL - USA



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