Hazel Village Doll Celia in Strawberry Red Jumper

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'Hazel Village' is home to snuggly soft, stuffed toy companions. 'Hazel Village' is named after the American Hazelnut tree: a source of delicious nuts, magical divining rods, and useful twigs for basketry. Creating a warm environment for all the friends and animals who enjoy spending time in the woodlands and beyond.

Stuffed doll, Celia, likes to spend time in her tree house, where she has a beautiful tea set and soft cushions for her friends to sit upon. Sometimes the birds of the forest fly through the window, and Celia graciously offers them some tea and biscuit crumbs. 

Celia is made of organic cotton jersey. Her long braids are tied with cotton twill ribbons, but they're not stitched closed so you can untie them and play with her hair. Celia's face and toes are hand stitched with cotton thread. She's stuffed with polyfill, so she can be hand washed and air dried as needed. She's 14" tall, sized to share clothes with all the other Hazel Village friends.

Celia's red jumper is made from organic cotton jersey, with a mini-striped chevron detail on the front. Celia also comes with organic cotton underwear.

  • Heirloom quality
  • Hand-wash, air-dry
  • Hand-made
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY; USA


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