Hazel Village Clothing Raincoat Outfit

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Unique itty-bitty clothing creations make for dress-up fun, friendship and play with the dolls and animals of Hazel Village.  

Max Raccoon loves the sounds and smells of a rainy day, but he doesn't want to catch a cold. This shiny yellow raincoat is just the ticket - he can tramp through the damp forest without getting rain on his head or his paws. How practical!

This set comes with a hooded raincoat with velcro closure, soft rain boots with white leatherette soles, and organic cotton pantaloons with a raindrop pattern woven in. It fits all the Hazel Village friends. The yellow raincoat outfit comes specially placed in a little box.

Dress-ups create opportunity for telling the tales of one's imagination, finding their own way throughout the forest.

  • Three-piece outfit
  • Handmade clothing outfits
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY; USA
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