Fatboy Klaid Dark Grey with Neon Pink Stripe

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The Fatboy® Klaid will quickly become your favorite cuddle buddy! The Klaid is made from 100% high quality knitted cotton. The Klaid comes in neutral colors with a neon stripe detail. The attractive color combinations easily match any living room or bedroom interior and is a perfect match for much more; an evening of watching TV together, a long summer night around the campfire, or a relaxing Sunday afternoon. This oversized and super soft blanket is big enough for 2, 3 or even 4 people - its time to get cozy!

  • Made of 100% high quality cotton
  • Care instructions:
    • Place your Klaid in a pillowcase
    • Machine wash, gentle cycle
    • Air-dry
  • Dimensions, 51" x 79"
  • Made in Finland
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