Hazel Village Doll Fern in Tea Party Dress

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Hazel Village’s Doll, Fern, is radiating fun, and ready play. In a grey, pleated dress with capped sleeves, Fern can’t wait to skip, jump, and explore with your little one. She is handmade, 100% organic, and naturally dyed. Fern may look dainty, but she can’t wait to get out there into the world, bouncy pigtails and all!

  • Measures 14in
  • Exterior Made of Organic Cotton Fleece, Cotton Knit
  • Interior Made of Hypo-Allergenic Polyester Fill Stuffing
  • Dress Made of Organic Linen
  • Change into Other Hazel Village Outfits
  • Hand Wash, Air-Dry
  • Hand-Made and Embroidered
  • Made in Brooklyn, NY
  • Free Shipping!
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