Designers Guild Couture Rose Fuchsia Laundry Bag

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Designers Guild, designing home textiles that are pleasant, soothing, and happy; creating inspiration for domestic fun and fantasy. A giant laundry bag, designed wit handles, good for slinging over shoulders, and easily totable - a home collection highlight. This bag is one that you can stuff to fit those mega loads, they'll fit! This bag is robust, made of heavyweight canvas; will make toting those soiled linens, or soon after, your favorite folded denim into an irresistible household task. The signature Couture Rose floral print, is an undeniable feature of this laundry bag. The laundry bag, made for in-home utility that's domestically durable. Designers Guild features a range of smart home textiles. 


Designers Guild, a family owned and operated manufacturer, headquartered in London. Rooted in a company philosophy of equity participation and communication of its employees. Their ethical ethos aligns closely with fair and ethical trading and ensuring practices within their facilities as well as suppliers exemplify enhancements to the environment.

Designers Guild fabrics and papers are made from natural fibers and are recyclable. The head office and home base of Designers Guild was been designed to be as energy efficient a possible. A component aligned with their philosophy and practices is a unique feature of the company's charitable commitments, collecting the scrap fabric from their production facilities, donating these scraps to various children's charities. All remnants and end of line fabrics are upcycled. The company's largest philanthropic contribution has been supporting Oxfam in the building of a school in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Couture Rose collection, a Designers Guild design
  • 100% cotton 
  • Care instructions: 
    • Clean with a damp cloth
    • Spot clean only
  • Ethical-Fair trade practices
  • Enviro-friendly company
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