Chilewich Basketweave Medium Zip Oyster

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Chilewich woven designs and development have significant environmental impact, especially in the world of zips, pouches, totes, and bags. Replacing the petroleum-based plasticizers in yarns with phthalate-free, renewable vegetable compounds. The innovative new yarns and fabrics, called TerraStrand are petroleum free. The zip styles therefore are that much more stylish and are the ideal size to carry smaller items such as jewelry, travel phone chargers, or a wallet and keys. All styles are perfect both on their own for traveling light and as a complement to the tote bags. 

  • Chilewich woven textiles, 90% phthalate-free
  • Designed and developed, NYC, USA
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Signature designs
  • Stylish and sturdy


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